Revolutionary Ponderings

     Where would this world be had God not sent His Son. With the destructive power of sin and hatred and every other thing going on in this world at this time just think of where the world would be had God not sent His Son. Had God not set up every believer to be salt and light in the world. If we were to study throughout history we find places where God has continually set up those to re – present His Son to this dying world. Salt stops corruption. What of us brothers and sisters? Does corruption and wickedness grow around us while we sit silently.
     A thought in my heart the other day seemed to me to be a strong rebuke. The Lord wants to raise up people with spines. Spines and teeth are what we need. We can not allow those in our sphere of influence to go on careless and sinning to their own demise. Perfect love casts out all fear. To fear is to not love. Jesus cleansed the temple and He is love. A revolution of love is what the Lord works out in our hearts and through it we learn to not fear.

Lord Help us.

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