Selective Amnesia

There are defining moments that happen in our life.  People who’s path we cross and maybe spend time with or events that we are a part of that we would do better off to forget.   Those people and or events that came at the time that they came, came for some purpose.  We may have initially assumed the purpose was for one thing but it ends up being another thing.  That thing or purpose could be good or bad.   The people or events I currently have in mind are those people or events that were seemingly bad.

Sometimes these things can be things that drastically affect the outcome of our life and deeply hurt our progress.  Whatever it is it pays to have selective amnesia.

When it comes to that person or event, turning your mind back to it will add weight to any future endeavor.   In order for you to progress after your encounter has been complete you must forget that person or thing or event.

Having selective amnesia means that you do not necessarily forget what benefit you may have derived from the encounter with the person or thing in the form of a lesson of what to avoid in the future. But what it means is that you do not allow the event or person have sway on your future decisions.  After the event or the encounter with that person has been completed, now is the time to refocus on the future that you actually desire and allow the desire for that new future become greater than the desire you may have had for any type of imagined past.  it is also not the time for you to linger in regret over what once was or what could have been.   Count it as over and the time complete. You have suffered enough and you have a bright and glorious future ahead of you that will shine brighter many times over than the future that was not.

lift up your head, forget what lies behind and MOVE FORWARD!


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