So True

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  1. SonDancer

    Thank you for your prayers
    How are you doing?

  2. CxAxRxE

    Hi Verious! I hope you have a wonderful week.  *KC

  3. CxAxRxE

    … well then, i will be praying for your weekend. good times ahead, inj.    *KC

  4. tommyalbrado

    Hey man, r u going to “the Call” with Lou Engle this weekend?

  5. tommyalbrado

    Man, I really wish you could make it.

  6. CxAxRxE

    Are you having a good summer, how’s life without school? *Kc

  7. tommyalbrado

    Bro the call was incredible. God visited, moved, & changed lives in our nation that day. Let a steak be put in the ground that the Lord will be King of our hearts in the United States of America

  8. DyingEast

    Yeah man, I created the site. I’m still going to add more stuff, this is just the beginning. I got lots of plans for it, but it just takes time to add content you know! so what do you think?

  9. DyingEast

    Hey thanks man, I emailed you!

  10. Jenileesamuel

    THanks for letting me know that you don’t have a myspace.  THat’s really the only reason I keep up with xanga, is for keeping networked with all my friends who don’t have a myspace.  So, thanks for the heads up.  How have you been?  What have you been learning recently?

  11. blaze_heb1229

    Hey Verious,

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi…so HI 🙂

    Bless you brother…seek Jesus with fervor.

  12. tommyalbrado

    Hey man, my life b like oooooh ahhhh. give me a holla sometime- i really enjoy our talks of dreams and the power of God.

  13. CxAxRxE

    Yo Dude! It looks like you had a birthday on Sunday, Happy Birthday Verious. I hope it was a wonderful day for you.   *KC


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