Still Alive

So I guess to re-open the posting here. I’ll post, I won’t run. I know it would be remiss for me not to state the way that God has shown His marvelous kindness. There have been many ways in which I know He has kept me and proven His faithfulness in the most desperate of times. To not give thanks in ingratitude would be all the worse. My friends God is faithful. Even when all you can do is stand by faith. It’s only He who will cause us to stand in Him.

Today I visited My mom. If you could pray for Her I would appreciate it. Right now she’s in the Fort Bend County Jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance. Sometimes the temptation to appear to have it all together is all too great but, man denying the truth of things simply hurts too much. Yet even in all this I don’t look at those things that I can see with merely my eyes because I know that the Lord is in control.

Recently in my family things have been crazy and the friuit of many years of Godless living is now being manifested but I know that God is faithful and all I can see is how in his faithfulness He is turning things. Yes, turning things for the glory of His name. I am and shall be ever gratefull. Even the bondage of divorce, immorality, religion and so many other things He is breaking. It is through His kindness that change comes. I am ever grateful.

The Lord has set me in the place where I live for a reason. I used to wonder why? I used to try to run away. I used to continually try to get away from my surroundings. My excuse though not always put in such terms was this: “I know that if i get in another environment i will find the victory that I long for” or “I long for the christian fellowship I once had” or some other of millions of excuses. Yet i can not see how I missed God’s point so many times. I am understanding more and more now that the Lord does not want us to run from our environment but to learn to live as conquerers where we are and allow him to touch others through us. I can tell you honestly that one thing that I always struggled with was “what is my lot in life?” I greatly feared that it was with my family and wanted to get away desperately.


In my own self – righteous mind non of them were truly saved or if they were they didn’t really want to serve God and live for Him. But I can honestly say that I am glad that God frustrates and defeats the proud. Learning this lesson has been valuable and one in which I know I have not yet arrived but the Lord is helping me. Please pray that i’d truly learn and live by humility.

I also ask you to pray fro my grandmother. Most of the weight of what has been going on has been falling on her. She lost 27 pounds in a few short weeks. I have been visiting her nightly and praying with her.

This is a very short overview of a few of the things that go on daily where I live. I am grateful for all of your prayers. It is indeed a fight for life. But I am very sure that victory is determined by God because He said it.

God Bless.

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