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Lately, I’ve had the urge to write.  Writing helps me process events that have passed. Writing is the outlet that I find allows me most to express my disparate thoughts. I have for too long forsaken this beneficial task which was once a habit.   This blog is a public declaration that I am recommitting myself to writing.  A quote that comes to my mind is a quote from a pastor named Chuck Swindoll,

“thoughts disentangle themselves over the lips and through the fingertips,”.

Nothing is more true in my life than this.  I have a multitude of thoughts  about life, technologies, passions, pleasures, hobbies & habits past, present and future that are never fully disclosed when I do not Write.

My entire reason of writing this post today is to refocus back in on my WHY of writing.

An Ordered Life.
I have recently done lots of clutter cleaning in my living space. As a result of having a cleaner living space and because of the law of suggestion I find that by default i look for the next places that need to be decluttered.   The only thing left after I have conquered the physical clutter is my mental clutter.  Clutter related to my day to day thoughts.  Thought about personal conduct toward myself – Eating habits, sleeping habits, physical fitness.  Thoughts about personal conduct toward others – Am I truly loving others.  Thoughts about personal conduct toward my Creator – am I doing my utmost to respond to the love of my Creator.  I believe the fruit of an ordered mind is an ordered life. Everything begins with the seed of a thought, results in the harvest of the actions, ends in the fruit of personal character.

An Examined Life 
In our society,  it is difficult to keep a quiet mind if you are only tuned into the voices of the culture 24/7.  Mental & moral sanity requires you to unplug from the culture and turn off the world.  I find that I get a small shot of this unplugging from the culture in small doses when I write.  Writing aids me in living a contemplative life and contemplation leads me to self examination.   Socrates once said,

An unexamined life is not worth living”. 

This holds true till this day.

A Voice, Not an Echo
I write because I am a voice and not an echo.  There are many things that I can easily parrot from others without original thought. When I write, (preferably journaling first, then blogging) I find that my voice is developed.   I am able to articulate on a higher and more nuanced level what my perspectives on life are.  I am enabled to be a voice.   A person who is a voice is a leader.  They do not merely parrot what things are said.  They bring originality and freshness to every aspect they are engaged with.  People look to them in public because they have developed these skills in private.

Stop Wasting Time & Potential
Last night I said to myself, “I’m done wasting time and potential avoiding failure.” That statement sums up my sentiment of what I have experienced and what I believe others with incredible potential do.  When we attempt to avoid failures we wast time and talent in the very action of avoidance.  We don’t gain experience by not doing, we gain experience and efficiency by doing new things, failing at said thing then repeating the things again.  In other words, we practice to become professional.  We must do.  When a baby begins to learn to walk they are fearless of any failure and never give up in the midst of that failure.   Eventually they learn the proper gait, their walking muscles and stabilizing muscles are strengthened, they intuitively learn whereto place their eyes, hands arms and both feet.  They do it all without an instruction manual because of the wonder given to us by our Creator that is our brain.  This example given to us by the leadership of the smallest among us is that we must expend our efforts in the process of learning, we must not fear or be affected by failure until we have completed what we have set out to accomplish.  We only have one life and the Calendar or the clock never waits on us.

Commitment to Frequency

I have not set a frequency of how many times a week or month I will write but I will write as I get inspiration.   Usually this pattern, when acted upon will lead me to write daily.  I may also decide within the next few days that I need to just go ahead and make the daily commitment to writing.

How will it all look.

Not every thing that I write or will write will be public.  On days where I need to put forth  some thoughts inspirationally publicly I will do write publicly.  On days where I just need to reflect on the day and untangle my thoughts ( i suspect daily) I will write in my private journal. The overarching goal is to increase my skills in the realm of writing.

These are only a few of the reason I plan to continue my writing journey.  More reasons may come in the future and for those I may add to this post or create an entirely new post.   If you are interested in following my writing journey please subscribe to my mailing list.  Thanks for reading .  have a great day.


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