Time to Live

Waking up this morning brought to my mind a fresh vigor of life.  All last week was somewhat crunch time as I rushed to get a website live for a client who had to speak before a national convention.   It came down to the wire but we were successful in launching the new website on time.  Phew.
Because of that urgent project there were several (late) all-nighters and early mornings combined.  This week I have simply sought to become regular again in my sleeping and waking patterns and to catch up on sleep.

This morning when I woke up and looked at my phone the time was 6:47 am.  Regular enough,  I hopped off of my futon and went downstairs to do a morning ritual I have attempted to jump-start for some time: Lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water to detox.  DONE.

Next come coffee.  I love my coffee strong and black, rarely any cream or sugar unless I am particularly in the mood for it.  DONE.  Finally,  a large 32 oz cup of water & ice. DONE.

Back up to my room & I am in front of the computer taking care of morning tasks and getting ready to officially start the day.  Wait…  I want to share a few thoughts so I open my blog and proceed to write, here we go…

Last night I had a weird dream.  In the dream I saw a few of my relatives and loved ones who have passed in recent years and a few who left an indelible mark on my life whether intentional or not.  I have actually been encouraged by the dream  to take heart and truly live life  with purpose because “I don’t get a do-over”.   I won’t go into every specific of the dream but basically the dream was about how even though I was the youngest in my house I was literally the man of the house.  My mom had a boyfriend but he was for the most part spineless and I ended up being the man who often took responsibility and got stuff accomplished.

Lately, I have noticed myself growing lax in areas of my life and unfocused.  I have also noticed times where I have attempted to shift the blame and take the path of immaturity.  This, however, is not me; I was not taught this type of behavior growing up and certainly do not choose to continue on this path.   Upon waking this morning I have been invigorated and encouraged with a fresh sense of who I am and a commitment to move out of the “spineless” zone back into the zone of the wise & responsible.  It is a new day.  I still have life & “I don’t get a do-over”.  It is time to live.