Update on Details and Prayer Requests.

So today i got a fender bender. I was pulling into a gas station to get gas and miscalculated the space between a parked truck and another lady’s parked van. I was on my way to get some popeyes chicken. I turned to sharply and… )))))!!!CrUnCh!!!((((( ….just like that i”ve got a massive dent in my back right fender. Painful? Yes. Furthermore, afterwards I stayed at the gas station for at least another hour and a half after the police officer came waiting for him to fill out the paper work. This was after I came from class at school. And you know what? After wards I had no more appetite for chicken. I did not even want to eat. Yet, I began to search my heart. Lord, are you trying to say something to me? Obviously He has, He continually longs to speak with me. Yet, in the constant flurry of busyness I seem to lose sight of what really matters. His Face!

I must continually set my heart to seek Him and never turn back. I’m not inferring at all that it’s because of my busyness and lack of true intimacy with God that this happened. No, but one can only wonder whether or not this all would have come about had i truly been listening continuously to the Father. I’m not sure. I know i can trust the Father to make things right when I don’t know what to do. It was my fault in turning to sharp that i crushed my side fender and chipped the paint on the lady’s car. Even though there was not much done to her vehicle she still called the police and gathered my insurance info. I can only trust God now to work things out. I know He will.

Now, in other things. I have been fighting a cold recently. Coughing and sneezing and snorting is not fun at all. I have been maintaining however a confession of healing. Not of denying what is happening in me but a faith that Jesus has alreadytaken my sicknesses upon himself. He’s faithful and I can trust Him. Please pray for me if you get a chance.

Another testimony is that at my house we have been awaking every morning for the past month and a half and having early morning bible studies. Meeting on the basis of Mt. 18:18-20. We (me and my family) desire to see God’s kingdom established in our lives as God desires that it be please pray for us.

In school I have been having lots of homework and have been falling behind in one of my classes in turning in that homework. If you would lift that up also I would so appreciate it.

Other things going on that if you have time i ask you to pray for are:

-The children’s bible study that the Lord has entrusted me with (that the children’s hearts would be open and mine would be in the right place)

-Total deliverance and healing in my sister’s life. (her name is Velicia)

Well, I must go now. My laptop is on reserve battery power and it’s late.

God Bless.

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  1. golf_goofy

    so sorry to hear about the fender bender.. I know what it feels like… they always make me sick to my stomach.

  2. wildandfree

    mm. tough stuff…good thing it wasn’t worse! (i know that’s what ppl always say, but i am glad for you that it wasn’t=)

    no fun though still…you’re analysation of it, God getting your attention, reminds me of hosea 2.6-19.

    glad you got something from the quote…

    good to hear from you…



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