Work The Land

Some experiences that happen to us in life are loud and demand our attention. Other experiences that come into our life need attention, care & sometimes cultivation. When the voice of God comes to a believer it can be for many things but it will often bring to us:

“Edification, encouragement & comfort” ~

The voice of God has come to me numerous times in life & I know I have not always heeded it but each time I count it precious. As I walk with the Father I understand more and more his unmerited favor towards me and patience. For that I am grateful.

I recently awoke from a dream in which I was back at my Grandfather’s land but at my brother’s house. I have not mentioned on this blog much about either of them, we can save that for a later story. In the dream, I could hear my grandfather’s voice telling me to “Work The Land”.

[As a bit of background, my grandfather and grandmother had 12 acres of land that when they passed away, went mostly by inheritance to my aunt & uncles. I supposedly have a plot of maybe an Acre or 2 in Texas.]

…Back to the dream. The first thing I have is the directive to “work the land” but there were 2 other things in the dream that presented variables to me “working the land”. The first was the fact that I was in a resting position and laying in a bed, the second is that there were these creatures in the dream that were disguised as birds and they were hindering my every move. The memory of previous progress made by myself taunted me and the thought of getting back up out of this bed and getting back to work. I don’t know that I remember much more of the original dream at this moment but so far the meaning has come across to me as very personal and a message I feel is from God.

There are a couple messages that are immediately evident and the first is that I “Work The Land“. And to me working the land means that I need to arise from the outright discouragement and prostration I have been in emotionally and get back to work! Lately I have been suffering a bit from depression and uncertainty about my path and my current level of life progress. But the most clear thing to me at this moment is that I cannot make some quantum leap in progress in life without first taking “One Step”. What’s the quote from Lao Tzao: “The Journey of 1 million miles begins with one step”

This is where I have been but even writing this blog post is me taking steps.

The very next thing from the dream was me in a resting position at my brother’s house. This is clear to me. I had allowed myself to come to a place where I was reverting to some old bad habits and was at the same time refusing to stand up and continue to make the conscious efforts to improve my life. I was reverting in my life walk. This is a warning.

The third thing that was in the dream was these entities that were disguised as birds that kept hindering my life progress. Jesus often used birds of the air to illustrate evil / demon fotces. I do believe that God is showing me that my victory in this scenario is going to REQUIRE prayer and focus in my life.

I hhear Lord. I’m heeding your Way. Lead me Shepherd.

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